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Dungeon Pets introduction

Game objectives

Dungeon Pets is a game which you will have to look after your virtual pets to grow up themselves.

In addition to this, you must recover the Pets’ eggs which have been stolen by wild monsters. You must explore hard dungeons where you will find a lot of treasures and new eggs with different species.

Altogether you can find 60 Dunpets or Dungeon Pets. There are different growth stages which will be difficult to get, they must be happy so you need to look after them.

Each of these species have specific needs. Don’t forget to feed them up. The clock is ticking although you don’t play so if you don’t feed them up, they’ll die around three days later. Reviving a deceased Dunpet is a hard work.


Feeding your Dunpets

The Dunpets are alive so they need to eat. You must feed them up at least once daily for growing themselves.

You must open your inventory (first button upper zone) and use the feed item. If you have no feed, you can buy it at store (second button upper zone).


Helping Dunpets to grow up

The Dunpets have the same larval form but when you look after them and they have enough training, they can grow up and change their appearance depending on their kind.

But each one of these species has different needs: happiness, hunger, level. In the same way each one of these species has a different form amount.


Playing adventure mode

Dungeon Pets isn’t a simple virtual pet game. This one has a huge adventure mode (the last button upper zone) split up into 2 ways.

Go to this mode by pressing the last button at the top area.

  • One of them is an Exploration Mode. In this mode you must explore endless dungeons full of treasures like eggs, coins and object also it is full of monsters so you will just have to defeat them. It is the best way to train them!
  • Furthermore, you can play Mission Mode. It’s a list of challenges which you will have to defeat monsters and you cannot come back your refuge to rest.

There is a third mode for users of Dungeon Pets PRO: Tower of Time Mode. This one is similar to Mission Mode but the dungeon has 50 floors above with a ticking clock. As reward you will get a large quantity of coins and perhaps a surprise when you finish it.


The Dunpets

Finding new creatures

This game contain more than 60 different species to find. You can find them in the dungeons or as reward when you finish a mission.

There are species which just appear in a specific dungeon, as well as specific floor or only mission. In the same way, you will find special Dunpets in the highest floors.


Dunpets rarity

These Dunpets are classified different rarity levels which mean the difficulty to find them and the specials they are.

The Dunpets [RA 8] are very rare and [RA 10] are epic and maybe they appear only once in the game. Don’t you give them to Rescue Center! Look after them!


Dunpets happiness

These creatures grow up and change their form to become stronger. Depend on the kind they have different needs and one of them is the happiness.

In addition, their stats will increase depend on how happy they are.


Increasing Dunpets happiness

To increase Dunpets happiness you have to feed them and play with them everyday.

While you are exploring a dungeon, your Dunpets will be happier and happier. If you defeat enemies your Dunpets will be even happier!

If your Dunpets are constantly still in the refuge, their happiness is low. You can also check Dunpets happiness with the Happiness Test item.


My Dunpet is sleepy

Sometimes some “Z” symbols appear at the status area, this means your Dunpet is tired and doesn´t want to continue playing.

It happens because your Dunpet has lost many battles and need to rest.

Meanwhile you can play with another one or you can use the Energy Fruit item (It is sold in the store).



Clearing a dungeon

You cannot clear a dungeon, it’s endless. You will find treasures, coins and eggs over there, as well enemies who you have to defeat and so your Dunpets will level up.

As you go upstairs you will find better rewards as well harder enemies.


Exploring dungeons

In the game there are 6 dungeons type which change every day: Water, Fire, Air, Earth, Light and Darkness.

Depend on the type you will find different eggs, enemies and object. Go upstairs as much as you can to find better rewards!

You can leave the dungeon and come back to the refuge. But when a new day starts you’ll come back to the entrance.

If your Dunpet is defeated in battle, you’ll come back to the entrance and you will lose half of the collected coins in that dungeon exploring session.


Finding Secret Floors

A Secret Floor is a special dungeon place where you can find more rewards than on normal floors.

Finding these special floors is random, it’s easier to find them if your Dunpets have a great luck, the number of the floor where you are is high, the defeated enemies and the coins and treasures that you have collected in the previous floor.

So if you want to find secret floors you have to clear the place before going upstairs.

Take it easy! If you are in a secret floor you will realise that because an alert will appear.


Special events

Sometimes, you will get a notification telling like something is happening in a floor. It means there is a special egg to find.

Take it easy! The egg will be there until you pick it up.



Missions objective

In the Adventure Mode you will find a Mission Mode.

To complete a mission you have to defeat all monster on the floor but you can't come back to the refuge until you complete it.

Finishing all missions is necessary to complete whole game.


Mission rewards

When you finish a mission you will be rewarded.

The mission has three rewards (Normal, Rare and Epic). You can check the mission goals to improve the probability of better rewards (In the mission menu as clues).

The first clue will be unlocked when you complete the mission, the second one... You must discover how.


The Shop

Buying items

At the shop (second button upper zone) you can buy a lot of different items for refuge, dungeons and mission.

Each day a huge kind of different objects are sold, also there is a 50% off so don’t forget to take a look at the shop every day!


Selling items

You can get rid of the stuff which you don’t want to. Each day you can sell them for double price, depend on the shop.

There are objects as sapphire, minerals or ruby which just exist for selling.


Extending the refuge

When you start the game you can take care of 3 Dunpets only in the refuge. You can extend it up to 12 Dunpets!

This is so expensive. You can do it in the store.



Defeating enemies

In the Adventure Mode you have to fight against a huge variety of monsters. The battle system is easy: you must stop the bonus bar between 2 marks again and again until you fail, that's the way for accumulating energy for the attack.

You must take into account the basic element of fighters and their attributes (attack, defense, level, speed, growth stage…). Train your Dunpets to make them the strongest!


Elements bonus

The elements play an important role in battles: they double or halve the damage depending on these rules:

  • Water defeats Fire
  • Fire defeats Air
  • Air defeats Earth
  • Earth defeats Water

Light and Darkness defeat between them.


Experience points

When a Dunpet defeats an enemy, it gets experience points to level up and grow up. Don’t forget it needs to be happy too!


Managing creatures

Saying goodbye to a Dunpet

Perhaps you don’t want to take care of a Dunpet, but, you know, only despicable people abandon their pets. For this reason you must give that Dunpet to the Rescue Center and they will look after it (last button upper zone).


My refuge is full: Guardians

There are a lot of Dunpet kinds to find and you can't take them all in the refuge, but you can use the guardian services (last button upper zone). They'll look after your Dunpets for you.

These Dunpets don’t need to be fed up but their happiness will be reduced.

This service costs some coins that you have to pay when you take them back. The maximum value is 50,000 coins. Don't worry!


Giving and getting Dunpets via Internet

The game includes a service for sending Dunpets to your friends by using codes.

You can do that in the game menu (last button upper zone). When you send a Dunpet, you receive a code that you must send to your friend, who must introduce it in the same game option.

We recommend you to use this service with Wi-Fi or stable mobile networks only to avoid Dunpets losses.

For using this service you must accept the Dungeon Pets Terms of Service.


The Magical Change

In the newest game versions you can find a new service where you can exchange Dunpets with random Internet users.

You can use it in the same pet transfer menu. You can send Dunpets which they are not larval form, except:

  • Serdrill
  • Arapede
  • Olux
  • Lolligo
  • Plassus
  • Jejunapi

For using this service you must accept the Dungeon Pets Terms of Service.


Getting rid of a tomb

You can do that by using the Paradise Pass item. You can buy it at the shop.

This item will be more expensive depending on how many times you have bought it. Try to keep alive your Dunpets! If you are going to stop playing for a time, maybe freezing the game is the best option for you.


Recovering dead Dunpets

Recovering a dead Dunpet is only possible by using the Salvation Card. It’s not always available at the shop and it’s too expensive.


Managing saved files

I can't keep playing: Freezing the game

You can access to this option from the user menu (top third button).

When you freeze the game, the time doesn't run in the game, but automatically the happiness of your pets is drastically reduced.

IMPORTANT: If you uninstall the game, you'll lose your data unless you're a user of the PRO version!


Making back-ups [PRO]

If you are a PRO licensed user of Dungeon Pets for Android, back-ups are automatically stored in the external memory.

The game will show a card-shaped icon when it starts, at the refuge screen, if the copy was successful done and it will be marked with a red X in wrong copy case.

Back-ups are stored in the GuGames Development, folder. Inside, there is a folder named Dungeon Pets that contains all files. You can copy the folder to your PC every so often to keep it safer.


Restoring a back-up [PRO]

Take a look at the previous section to know how to handle your backed up data.

  • Step 1. If the backed up data are already in your external memory, skip this step. Else, paste the "Dungeon Pets" folder that you keep inside the "GuGames Development" folder of your external memory.
  • Step 2. Delete your game data in the device config and execute it. Your backed-up data should be loaded.


Transfering your game data to another device with Dunpets Transfer [PRO]

In order to transfer your game data to another device, you'll need Internet connection and the PRO license in both. If you use the same Google account or Apple ID, you don't need to purchase the game twice.

IMPORTANT: The game transfer service via Dunpets Transfer removes the local stored game data and the external back-up. We recommend to keep your backup file in your PC before starting the process.

Follow the next steps and don't delete the game or game data until your game has been successfully loaded in the new device:

  • Step 1. Execute Dungeon Pets in the origin device, open the play menu (forth icon, the gamepad-shaped one), and select the seventh option: "Dunpet Transfer".
  • Step 2. Then select the forth option "Transfer game", tap Transfer and create an 8 characters key to restore your data later. You'll receive an user ID.
  • Step 3. Check that the new device has no Dungeon Pets data in the new device and start the game. Press "Transfer" when the game asks if you want to transfer other game data in the initial game config process.
  • Step 4. Entre your user ID and your key and press OK. If all goes well, your game will be loaded.
  • Optional: Once your game data is loaded, you can delete your game data in the origin device in order to start a new game there. Else, the game will show you your credentials and you'll be not able to play.

If you can't remember your credentials, start Dungeon Pets in the origin device and it will show them. Don't hesitate to contact us at and we'll help you if any problems!

IMPORTANT. Don't keep your game data in our servers for months. You should use this service in the short term. Some data may be deleted after one year of inactivity. Take a look at the Dungeon Pets terms of service.


Transfering the game data via back-up [PRO]

You can only transfer your game to another device if a saving icon appears without a red X when the game starts, at the refuge screen.

Follow these steps and don't uninstall if something is wrong:

  • Step 0. Make sure you have closed and deleted the data of Dungeon Pets of your new device, in Settings. You can uninstall it if you want to be sure.
  • Step 1. Start Dungeon Pets and check if an icon appears in the lower right area of the screen without a red X, at the refuge screen. If you see the red one, the back-up couldn't be stored.
  • Step 2. Without the error icon, access to the user menu by pressing the third button on the top and freeze the game. Don't start the game again!
  • Step 3. Once the game has been frozen, check your your external memory and make sure there is a folder called GuGames Development containing another, Dungeon Pets full of files.
  • Step 4. If it exists, create the "GuGames Development" folder (case sensitive) in the external memory of your new device and copy inside the folder Dungeon Pets of the old device. Otherwise, you will lose your game.
  • Step 5. Install Dungeon Pets on your new device and start the game. Your old game should have been loaded correctly.

IMPORTANT: If you already have Dungeon Pets initiated or you have not deleted the data in the new device before Step 4, your game won't load and the backup will be replaced by the game of the new device.


Starting a new game [PRO]

The PRO license stores a backup file in the external memory of your device. This means that if you delete the game files at System Settings and start the game again, your previous game will be loaded.

For fixing this, you have to delete the folder called "Dungeon Pets", inside GuGames Development folder of your external memory (don't delete the entire GuGames Development folder! It may includes data of other apps). Then, remove the game data in Settings and start the game again.


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